Pneumatic Jig (JIG)

Pneumatic jigs are used to separate materials of varying density and/or particle shape, enabling mixed fractions to be successfully concentrated or separated. It is particularly suitable for separating metal and plastic mixtures, and mixed copper and aluminium fractions. Aluminium-plastic mixtures can also be used to produce high-purity fractions in a pneumatic jig.

Successful density separation depends on the material being dry and completely broken down (no material composites). It also depends very much on the quality of the screen cut. UMS has a number of proven pre-sets, whose use in new installations enable a steep learning curve.

The pneumatic jig can be used for particle sizes from 0.5 mm to 50 mm. The arrangement of the exchangeable inserts is individually tailored to the purpose. The unit is also available in different sizes. Many customers appreciate it as a highly flexible and universal separation unit with high added value.

Pneumatic Jig | Lufttrennherd 01
Pneumatic Jig | Lufttrennherd 02
Pneumatic Jig | Lufttrennherd 03
Pneumatic Jig | Lufttrennherd 04
Pneumatic Jig | Lufttrennherd 05
Pneumatic Jig | Lufttrennherd 06
Pneumatic Jig | Lufttrennherd 07

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