Double Rotor Hammer Mill (DHM)

The Double Rotor Hammer Mill is the best unit for dedusting metals and breaking down composites. Its heavy construction, derived from ore processing, also enables complex composite materials to be broken down.

The separation of clean fractions using a specific physical property requires the maximum homogenisation of the other composition characteristics. The DHM allows particle shapes and sizes to be homogenised, creating the conditions for optimum separation by density, conductivity and magnetisability. The DHM is therefore a key aggregate for the success of all subsequent separation steps in the production of high-quality sub-fractions that meet the criteria for secondary raw materials, or “end-of-waste”.

The DHM can break down composite metal-containing fractions up to a size of 80 mm. The unit is particularly suitable for the treatment of electrical waste (WEEEs), shredder residues, aluminium-copper coolers, aluminium scrap and composites. However, the applications also include many other material composites such as GRP-metal components, adhesive bonds, vulcanized compounds, assembly production waste and much more.

In the DHM, the input material is accelerated by rapidly rotating hammers, and beaten on material already in the machine as well as on the grinding tracks. This creates a hammer-anvil effect that crushes the input material. The constant acceleration and deceleration, as well as the rolling of the material via the grinding track, achieve the greatest possible surface dedusting. At the same time, some of the input material is reformed (balled), which simplifies its subsequent separation.

The DHM is characterised by high energy efficiency, low tool costs and a long service life. Ease of maintenance was a major element in its design. The tried-and-tested heavy-duty design, derived from ore processing, makes the DHM insensitive to extraneous materials, giving it a decisive advantage in terms of service life and operating costs compared with conventional shredders, which can shred composites, but not break them down in the same way.

The DHM is available as a coarse, fine and superfine mill in various sizes. The hammers, grinding tracks and outlets can be varied and adjusted for all models.

The machine designs are individually tailored to the respective application.

Double Hammer Mill | Doppelhammermühle 01
Double Hammer Mill | Doppelhammermühle 02
Double Hammer Mill | Doppelhammermühle 03
Double Hammer Mill | Doppelhammermühle 04
Double Hammer Mill | Doppelhammermühle 05
Double Hammer Mill | Doppelhammermühle 06
Double Hammer Mill | Doppelhammermühle 07
Double Hammer Mill | Doppelhammermühle 08

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