Eddy Current Separator (ECS)

Eddy Current Separators allow the separation of conductive fractions from solid compounds by applying Lenz's rule, according to which an alternating magnetic field exerts mechanical impulses on conductive materials.

Our customers use the ECS successfully in the production of high-purity aluminium fractions, as well as in the separation of residual metals. The best sorting results require an optimised material feed to the ECS. UMS has many years of experience in the design of this sensitive area, and is able to customise it to your needs.

The ECS can be retroactively integrated into many existing systems. Improvements in output quality can usually be achieved at low additional cost and effort.

The arrangement of the unit is individually tailored to the respective purpose.

Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 01
Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 02
Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 03
Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 04
Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 05
Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 06

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