Linear Screening Machine (LSM)

Linear screening machines sort solid mixtures according to their particle size. The LSM can accommodate up to three stacked screen inserts, and generates up to four screen cuts. Its inclination and vibration frequency are adjustable.

The LSM is driven by two counteracting unbalance motors that vibrate the unit with the firmly tensioned screen inserts. The linear vibration exerts force impulses on the screening material, which convey it in throwing movements in the direction of the screen discharge. Depending on the particle size, the screening material passes through the different screen inserts, and is fractioned into the corresponding particle size divisions. A wide range of different screen inserts is available.

The design of the Linear Screening Machine, and the choice of screen perforation shape and size, are individually tailored to the intended application, enabling the best possible separation result for the respective application.

Screening Machine | Siebmaschine 01
Screening Machine | Siebmaschine 03
Screening Machine | Siebmaschine 04
Screening Machine | Siebmaschine 05

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